Akagera National Park

Akagera National Park is located in the eastern part of Rwanda. The park derives its name from Kagera River, which flows along Rwanda’s eastern border with Tanzania. The park is composed of grassland, sitting on over 2500 square kilometers in size. Akagera National Park is the best place to go on safari in Rwanda for […]

Gishwati Mukura National Park

Gishwati Mukura National Park : Established in 2015, Gishwati Mukura is the newest National Park located in the Northwestern part of Rwanda. The main goal of the park’s formation was for wildlife conservation purposes, especially for the chimpanzees that are inhabitants there. The park is made up of Mukura and Gishwati forests and sits on […]

Nyungwe Forest National Park

Nyungwe National Park is the oldest and most popular park in Rwanda. The park is nestled in south-western part of Rwanda. The Park covers about 970 square kilometres in the south, where it crosses the border between Rwanda and Burundi. Nyungwe Forest National Park is the world’s most biodiverse national park. It has the most […]

Volcanoes National Park

On a Rwanda safari, Volcanoes National Park is the most interesting destination to go. The park lies in the southern part of the portion of the great Virunga region in the Albertine rift valley. Volcanoes National Park is renowned for its mountain gorillas. In addition to the mountain gorillas, Volcanoes National Park has other numerous tourist […]

7days Mt Baker 4844 metres Trek

The 7days Mt Baker 4844 metres Trek. Day 1. Hike to Sine Camp 2596metres. Day 2. Hike to Mutinda Camp 3588metres. Day 3. Hike to Bugata Camp 4100metres. Day 4. Hike to Hunwick’s Camp 3974metres Day 5. Summit Mt Baker’s peaks at 4844metres. Day 6. Descend down to Kiharo Camp 3640metres. Day 7. Descend down […]

6 Day Of Conquering New Heights

6 Day Of Conquering New Heights (Trekking The Bamwanjara Pass) Trip Highlights Day 1: Trek to UWA rangers point Day 2: Trek to Sine Hut Day 3:  Summit to Mutinda camp Day 4: Summit to Bugata camp Day 5: Descend to Kiharo camp Day 6: Base camp and end of your adventure Trip in details […]

9 Days Adventure to Magherita

9 Days Adventure to Magherita : Indulge yourself in a 9-day trek, conquering peaks: Margherita Peak (5,109m) and Mt. Baker (4,844m), along with Mt. Speke (4,890m) and Weismann’s Peak (4,620m) on the descent. Day 1: Base Camp Briefing and Trek to Sine Camp (2,596m) Begin your adventure with a briefing at the base camp situated […]

10 Days 4 Peaks Trek

10 Days 4 Peaks Trek : Conquering Margherita at 5109m, Speke 4890m, Baker 4844m, and Weismann’s 4620m Peaks Day 1: Briefing and Summit to Sine Camp (2,596 meters) Begin your expedition at Trekkers (1,450 meters) and ascend to Sine Hut (2,596 meters), at an elevation of 1,146 meters. The option of proceeding to Kalalama Camp […]

8 Days Margherita Peak Trek

8 Days Margherita Peak Trek : The 8 Days Margherita Peak Trek is elevated at (5,109 meters). Get on a journey to Margherita Peak, the third highest point in Africa through the Kilembe route, full of lush forests, valleys, and diverse flora. As you walk through this trail, you will encounter a variety of species […]

7 Days Margherita Summit

7 Days Margherita Summit : Margherita Peak posses a technical challenge, requiring a strong rope techniques and equipment such as crampons, ascenders, and figure 8s for belaying.  With  60% steep ice sections that are affected to rapid changes due to climate shifts and glacier melting, it is highly recommended to possess skills in using an […]